Brave Generation

Our impact

Brave Generation is committed to providing comprehensive support to a growing base of young Ukrainians who will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction effort. Our team is diligently working towards improving and transforming the lives of Ukrainian students.

Scholarship and University Admissions

39 Mentees have been admitted to universities
36 Mentees received full scholarships from their education institutions
Around $5.1 million in scholarships have been awarded to our Mentees
3 Mentees have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Resilience Groups and Psychotherapy Sessions

Partnered with the American Group Psychotherapy Association to offer group therapy to 8 mentees moving abroad for university as they adjust to their new lives and campuses
Partnered with Psyhelp UA to offer individual therapy to up to 10 mentees remaining in Ukraine as they apply to university
Partnered with the Aura App, which offered 150 subscription for our Mentees, providing them with guided care and mindfulness resources
Partnered with Touchstone Psychology, American Group Psychotherapy Association, which provide therapy and support groups for our Mentees
Partnered with Polish Humanitarian Action, Telehelp Ukraine, and BetterHelp Psychology, which provide individual mental and psychological support to our Mentees

English Foreign Language Exam Preparation

Obtained 60 vouchers for TOEFL exams (~$12,000 value)
Secured coverage for TOEFL tutoring for 36 participants over a period of five months
  • Viktoriia Shcherba

    Viktoriia Shcherba

    “Brave Generation has played an instrumental role in helping me achieve my dream of studying at UChicago. From the moment I joined the program, their support has been invaluable. The entire application process can be daunting, but thanks to the mentorship and resources provided by Brave Generation, it became a smooth journey. Beyond the academic assistance, Brave Generation has given a supportive community that is dedicated to shaping a brighter future for Ukraine. This program has taught me that with the right environment and consistent effort, everything is possible. I am immensely grateful to Brave Generation for making my dream come true, and I look forward to witnessing many more success stories like mine.”
  • Sofiia Kozak

    Sofiia Kozak

    “Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine deprived millions of bright Ukrainian students of the opportunity to gain education. By its very existence, Brave Generation proves that talented students from Ukraine who want to help their country despite the war have a place to find support. The program showed me how much potential the young generation of Ukrainians has. With the help of lectures by outstanding professionals from absolutely different spheres, being surrounded by motivated Ukrainians, and the support of mentors, Brave Generation has left us with no other choice but to become leaders who understand how to defend the best interests of our country and contribute our part to its restoration in the future.”
  • Anna Bazarna

    Anna Bazarna

    “The journey with Brave Generation has been transformative! When I joined Brave Generation, I was facing various challenges in my academic and personal life. The guidance I received from the mentors were immensely uplifting on a moral level. The encouragement they shared was instrumental in helping me navigate through my challenges, and now, I find myself studying at my dream school. I am truly happy today, and it is thanks to the unwavering support of Brave Generation. Its dedication to helping Ukrainian students achieve their dreams is commendable, and I am living proof of the positive impact they have on individuals' lives.”
  • Dan Shapovalov

    Dan Shapovalov

    “Brave Generation significantly helped me not only with my application process to the US education institutions but also to become a part of an extremely supportive and friendly community that strives to change the future of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. This organization provided me with a mentor for writing thoughtful essays, psychological assistance, and the ability to confidently develop and improve myself in a completely different environment. Due to this program, you will realize that everything becomes possible with the right surroundings and consistent effort that fosters your motivation!”
  • Renata Karpenko

    Renata Karpenko

    “I am very grateful to Brave Generation, which has had a truly transformative impact on my life. Thanks to this program, my dream of attending Bard College has become a reality. Since joining the program, I have received unwavering guidance, especially from my mentor and the supportive community. Their assistance has made the application process so fulfilling. Beyond just academic help, Brave Generation has also given me a friendly peer community that is committed to making a better future for Ukraine. This program has shown me that, with the right environment and consistent effort, everything is possible.”

Success stories of our Mentees