Brave Generation

Our impact

Brave Generation is committed to providing comprehensive support to a growing base of young Ukrainians who will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction effort. Our team is diligently working towards improving and transforming the lives of Ukrainian students.

Scholarship and University Admissions

39 Mentees have been admitted to universities
36 Mentees received full scholarships from their education institutions
Around $5.1 million in scholarships have been awarded to our Mentees
3 Mentees have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships

Resilience Groups and Psychotherapy Sessions

Partnered with the American Group Psychotherapy Association to offer group therapy to 8 mentees moving abroad for university as they adjust to their new lives and campuses
Partnered with Psyhelp UA to offer individual therapy to up to 10 mentees remaining in Ukraine as they apply to university
Partnered with the Aura App, which offered 150 subscription for our Mentees, providing them with guided care and mindfulness resources
Partnered with Touchstone Psychology, American Group Psychotherapy Association, which provide therapy and support groups for our Mentees
Partnered with Polish Humanitarian Action, Telehelp Ukraine, and BetterHelp Psychology, which provide individual mental and psychological support to our Mentees

English Foreign Language Exam Preparation

Obtained 60 vouchers for TOEFL exams (~$12,000 value)
Secured coverage for TOEFL tutoring for 36 participants over a period of five months

Success stories of our Mentees