Brave Generation

Tanya Kotelnikova and Brave Generation Shine on 1+1 TV Channel, one of the biggest media in Ukraine!

Copy The speech was about the difficult experience of the creator of Brave Generation, the strength of the Ukrainian people, the importance of our program and its successes.

Our co-founder, Tanya Kotelnikova, recently appeared on one of Ukraine's most prominent TV channels, 1+1, to discuss the impact Brave Generation is making in the lives of many Ukrainians.

During the interview, Tanya delved into her personal journey, highlighting how she had to leave her home twice due to war. This traumatic experience, coupled with the pro-Russian separatists' actions, underscores the ongoing conflict and instability in Ukraine. She emphasized that the war in Ukraine isn't merely about land but about securing a brighter future for the next generation of Ukrainians.

Tanya passionately spoke about the mission of Brave Generation, which aims to unite talented Ukrainian students who have left the country due to the war. Their collective knowledge and skills will be crucial for building a stronger and safeguarded nation post-war. She also stressed the urgent need for more scholarships for Ukrainian students to study abroad, as not all universities offer the necessary financial support.

As a call to action to her audience on 1+1, Tanya affirmed the resilience of Ukrainians in the face of adversity. She challenged viewers to join the cause, stating, "If everyone can help one young person now, we can save a generation." It's Brave Generation's mission to ensure that the future leaders of Ukraine are not only passionate about its welfare but are also well-supported in their endeavors.

We extend our gratitude to 1+1 TV Channel for providing Brave Generation a platform to share our vision and impact.